Delgado Going About His Business

Delgado's coaches like the maturity he's showing

GWINNETT, GA - Braves pitcher Randall Delgado has found himself back in Triple-A Gwinnett after an impressive stint in Atlanta. Delgado has exceeded expectations in both the Major and the minor leagues all season, and is continuing to improve his game back in the minor leagues.

The 22-year-old right-hander sports a 4.94 ERA in Triple-A Gwinnett and achieved a 4.42 ERA during his time in Atlanta. His consistent performance has made him a reliable part of the rotation in both Atlanta and Gwinnett, and has helped him develop confidence and pitching command that are well beyond his years.

"I'm comfortable here," Delgado said. "I'm trying to stay healthy to be ready to pitch and just trying to keep everything the same."

Doing everything the same is exactly what Delgado needs to be doing. Although his numbers have not been outstanding, they have been very solid for a 22 year old. In 17 starts in Atlanta, Delgado recorded 73 strikeouts, 42 walks, and only gave up eight home runs. With his big league experience and success, Delgado is far ahead of many players his age and he has continued to hone his game in Gwinnett.

Gwinnett Braves pitching coach Marty Reed said that he has been pleased overall with what he has seen from Delgado in his outings at Gwinnett so far this season.

"He's been pretty decent," Reed said. "He's been kind of up and down. Sometimes he's been really good and sometimes he's been really bad. Right now he's in a place where he can just keep working hard."

Gwinnett manager Dave Brundage said that he has been impressed with Delgado this season.

"He's a young man who's doing really well for himself," Brundage said. "He's been in the majors and he held his own. He's keeping his head down and his work ethic is outstanding. He has a willingness to get better every day."

Delgado has an extensive arsenal of pitches, including a scorching fastball and a solid changeup that have helped keep hitters off-balance all season.

"I'm happy with his fastball. It's anywhere from 94-97 mph and his changeup is good, it's just a little bit inconsistent," Reed said.

"I'm happy with my pitches," Delgado said. "I'm happy with my fastball and curveball, and my offspeed pitches have been good too."

Perhaps the most impressive part of Delgado's season is how he has carried himself under pressure. Delgado surprised everyone by beating out top prospect Julio Teheran for the fifth spot in Atlanta's rotation out of Spring Training and he instantly thrived in the major leagues.

Delgado continued to thrive later this season when he was caught in the middle of trade negotiations between the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Cubs for Chicago pitcher Ryan Dempster.

Off the field distractions have obviously not affected Delgado's game, making him stand out even more among other players his age.

"I understand that this is a business so I just stay focused on staying healthy and doing what I need to do," Delgado said.

"He just goes about his business," Brundage said. "He wants to be an Atlanta Brave and he's got a great head on his shoulders."

Delgado's work ethic and maturity will certainly help him to continue to be one of the top young pitchers in the Braves minor league system and will help him put on an Atlanta uniform again in the future.

"He's getting better and he's maturing," Brundage said. "He just needs to do a little more game preparation. He needs to know that there's more to this game. He's not polished by any means but he's a great competitor and he's refining his pitches. He's got a great head on his shoulders."

"I just want to keep doing everything the same," Delgado said. "I'm just trying to stay consistent and stay healthy. That's the main thing." Recommended Stories